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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yesterdays Roses

This picture was taken in Juliet, Georgia, home of the movie "Fried Green Tomato's,"

It's a very good movie and if you haven't already saw it, I encourage you to do so.

The theme of the movie and the thoughts of the movie goes well with this picture and the verses below.

Looking at the vase of wilted roses, I think of friends of bygone days. They were my beautiful roses in life. Where have they wandered to? Have they gone astray, the ones I knew so long ago? Why did they go? Was it something I said or something I left undone or none of the above? Was it just a time for change, a time to try out new wings, new places, new scenes? Was it God’s time to show them something new?  God may have saw something I did not see….Thier leaving may have been best for me, maybe thier hearts carried secret dark, evil thoughts toward me and hated me for the good I did for them. Maybe they did not deserve the love I lavished on them

Friday, November 13, 2009

Myrtle Beach Findings

We are back in Myrtle Beach for the whole month of November. Hurricane Ida caused rain and blustery waves and wind a couple of days this week. It looks like the clouds are beginning to move out today.
When you visit you want to make sure you visit the Egyptian Sphnix right outside the Hard Rock Cafe. Inside you can see full size statues of Pharohs, guitars and boots of famous people.


We went to a festaval at the museum Saturday and saw a real Aztec Indian dance, also Spanish dancers.

Myrtle Beach has lots of consignment shops and a hugh flea market with mostly new things.
A good place for all you can eat seafood is, The Big Crab, for only $20.00.  It has everything you can think of and more, like prime rib and deserts out of this world.  Look for the 3-5 dollar off coupons in the visitors guide, for an even better deal.                                             

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bobbin Winder


My daughter gave me the neatest gift, a bobbin winder. It's fast and winds a bobbin in seconds without the use of a sewing machine.

I bought several bobbins and filled them with my most used thread colors.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The picture above is of a live oak tree near Myrtle Beach, SC. I thought it was interesting that the tree looks very old and is growing along the ground as if it is crawling. It's dripping with grey Spanish Moss.

Another place of interest was out in a deserted place, deep in the woods near the Wacamaw River. We had to take a jeep over rough terrain to get there. It was the old rice plantation site where Gov. Joseph Alston and his wife Theodosia Burr lived. She was the only daughter of Aaron Burr, vice president of the USA.

The family cemetery was still on the property, in remarkable good shape. It was surrounded by a brick wall and black iron gate , built by the slaves. Gov. Alston and his eleven year old son are buried there with several other family members. Towering, Live Oaks Trees, surround the site.

Our guide related the sad story about the Alston family. Theodosia and Joseph had only one son. When he was eleven years old he took sick and died with swamp fever, known now as Malaria fever. They were grief stricken and Theodosia wanted to go grieve with her father in New York. Joseph figured the ocean would give her the safest passage since a war was going ,on land.

Sadly her ship was lost at sea. They never knew what happened to Theodosia or the ship. Strangely, a hand painted color portrait of Theodosia washed up on the beach of Nags Head, SC. Where it came from, no one knows. Joseph died four years later in Charleston, SC. , they say of a broken heart. 

Someone wrote her biography.  I read it and it is a very interesting read.  You can purchase it online.

I thought this building was interesting. It's made of rusted tin. It's the famous, House of Blues Restaurant in Myrtle Beach, SC. I was surprised when I saw it, I was expecting some elaborate building from the way it was advertized. It has interesting shops to spend your money in.


I read this article somewhere and thought it was very interesting. With the recent outbreak of the Swine flue it is in our best interest to practice good hygiene. The notion was given hundreds of year ago in a book we call the Bible.

This photography of a pristine stream atop a mountain in Alaska seems to me to be so cold and sterile. I thought it would go well with this article.

When the Black Plague was killing much of Europe prior the to Renaissance, desperate nations returned to the Old Testament laws of Moses and principles for dealing with diseases like leprosy, handling of the dead, and waste disposal. Quarantine is well understood today as a control of infectious disease, but it was given in the days of Moses as a command that had to be obeyed without people knowing why. It was poor waste disposal practices that led to the spread of the Black Plague but in about 1500 B.C., God’s law provided instruction regarding the burying of human waste. Even basic principles of sterilization, through burning and washing, were offered in the Biblical books of Numbers and Leviticus, but not formally recognized by the scientific community until the mid-1860s!