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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tissue Flowers

These facial tissue flowers make up quickly, and look soft and silky in a vase. Use 2 ply tissues and the color of your choice.  I used white here because that's the color I had on hand.  They look pretty alone, but you can use an opitional felt leaf glued to the back.  Your imagination can go wild making these things but they are so much fun, and make quick flowers for any room of the house.

                                                    Some materials you will need

You will need 2 ply facial tissue, thin wire, floral stem, floral tape, glue gun, sicissors and Opitional green felt for leaves if you decide to use them. 

Step one:  Take a tissue and fold it acordian style.

Step 2  Fold the folded tissue in half.

Step 3,  Cut half folded tissue in a V shape on each side, being careful not to cut all the way through the tissue fold.

Step 4, Cut a piece of thin wire, and wrap tightly around the V cut.   Leave a long tail on the wire to wrap around the floral stem later.

Step 5,  Next, cut the other end of the tissue in order to seperate the petals.

Step 6, Now, gently pull the tissue plies apart.

Step 7,  After you gently pull apart all the tissue, fluff gently upward, and presto!  Your flower is now ready to attach to the floral stem. You can now glue the opitional green felt leaf to the flower, or proceed to wrap the thin wire around the floral stem.  Make a loop on the end of the floral stem after you wrap the thin wire to it.  This helps the flower to stay in place. Then continue to wrap wire around the stem.  You can cover the thin wire and floral stem with floral tape for a uniform look.

You can add two or three flowers together to make a pretty arrangement.  

Step 8,  Place flower arrangement into a pretty vase.  I set mine on my bedroom night stand.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.