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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Goblet Glass or Cup Charms Tutorial

These little charms are great to put on any glass with a stem to help your guest  identify their glass. Can even be used on coffee mugs. It only takes a few minutes to make and they make much appreciated hostess gifts.

All thats needed, are a small pair of plyers with a cutting edge and round on the end, as shown in photo above, 4 inch piece of memory wire,  8-7mm beads and a charms of your choice.  I chose a small leaf for mine,

Step 1.  Cut a four inch piece of memory wire.  Using your plyers, make a small round turn on one end of the wire.  This keeps your beads from fall off.

Step 2.  Place 4 beads on the wire, then place your charm.  This will be the center of the ring as shown below.
Step 4.  Place remaining 4 beads on the wire.  Next, take your plyers as before, and make a small turn on the wire to hold your beads in place.
Step 5.  With your fingers manipulate the wire into a round circle and, wala... you now have a charm that eaisly slips onto the glass stem.